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The Iran Nuclear Agreement- A Loser Bet
Democracy-- On a path to extinction
Harvesting Water As A Business Enterprise
Lessons of the 2016 US election
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The Iran Nuclear Agreement- A Loser Bet

A Short Summary of An Analysis of the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Democracy-- On a path to extinction

Democracy- On A Path To Extinction

Harvesting Water As A Business Enterprise

Much discussion over the past ten years more has more than adequately identified the increasing global crisis with regards to water supply.

There have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of papers written by every international and national agency on ways to reduce usage and to increase efficiency in every sector of the global economy, all of which are valuable, but at some point, will not resolve the issue nor help to bring the planets´ populations back from the brink of this growing crisis.

In any crisis of this kind, particularly involving commodities, development of best practices for more efficient use of a commodity helps, recycling is also a very significant contributor to resolving the problem.

Lessons of the 2016 US election

the dangers of underestimation and the belief in entitlement
                Before getting into this article, I first want to state that it should be placed in theone man´s opinioncolumn as that is what it is.

But, it is from one man with over 45 years of business experience on every continent and with every type of government, political system, business environment and social structure on the planet.

From McKinsey and Company

As populations increase in some countries and infrastructures age in others, the issues nations face in providing the needed infrastructure becomes more important in overall planning and budget development because without sufficient infrastructure, economies have a difficult time growing and competing.

This article has some interesting insights on how to build productive cities.


China´s Slowdown: Planned or Natural

Some financial analysts have recently raised concerns over China’s economic slowdown, the
Chinese government’s poor handling of the stock market downturn, and the relatively slow pace of economic reforms. 

On the one hand, China appears to be rebalancing its economy away from rapid growth that is driven by high fixed investment, exporting, and heavy industry, to a more domestically oriented consumption-based economy with greater emphasis on services and innovation. 

For some, China’s slower economic growth rates are a positive development.

Global Trends-2030

Global Trends-2030
This is a great document for corporate strategists and planners.

Economist Blog of interest

Economist Blog-Markets and Monetary Policy
This link will direct you to a recent Economist report that is of interest.

Fiscal Monitor-Global Report April 2013

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