Every Decision Creates A Pathway Towards Success or Failure - Evert Decision Creates A Pathway To Success or Failure

Our associates and collaborating partners come from every discipline and profession associated with the global finance and project development sectors and have been or are still associated with some of the largest organizations operating in those sectors.
 Every associate aspires to be a leading trusted advisor and developer of financing alternatives for our clients, which include corporations, financial institutions, financial sponsors, governments and public authorities and boards of directors and special committees.
Our philosophy and focus is on strategic planning and financial structuring to meet the needs of our clients and this is the cornerstone of what has become a large and growing international client base and which is the principle value proposition that has become so valuable to our client franchise.
  • We strive to provide best-in-class advice and execution on the most complex transactions across a broad range of products in order to help our clients grow.
  • We are focused on being a significant contributor and provider of efficient and viable capital-raising services to enable our clients to achieve their strategic business and project specific goals.
  • We are committed to a strategy of partnering with clients in all of their corporate and project financing needs and strategic decisions related to the growth of their enterprises.
We are located in the three primary financing locations of the global markets. We have offices and associates in New York, London and Hong Kong and have collaborating partnerships with some of the largest institutions in each of those locations.
Our global structure allows us to better serve the strategic and financing needs of our clients across all geographies and industries and gives their project and financing requirements a broad access to capital from these various financial centers. 
Client Services
The Financing group structures and executes a variety of transactions, including equity offerings, debt issuances of various structures for governments and corporations, project finance, hedging and derivative transactions.
Industry Sectors
TA Global is focused primarily on the development and financing of infrastructure projects and all of our associates and collaborating entities possess the varied and complex disciplines for every facet of these large and complex projects. 
Our foundation began in the energy sectors and we cover every aspect of this vital global business for our clients.
Clean Technology and Renewable Energy
Our Clean Technology and Renewables group services clients in the emerging clean technology market covering a wide range of subsectors, especially in clean energy, water and waste treatment.
Our teams service clients in the healthcare field, as well as related fields such as biotechnology, life sciences, hospital development and management, medical technology and pharmaceuticals.
We have collaborating groups with operational experience as well as providing a fully "turnkey" solution to municipal or governmental need for hospitals and clinics.
Our Industrial group provides investment banking services and in-depth transaction expertise to a wide range of industries globally.
Government Finance
We provide financing advice and structuring to a growing number of governmental bodies ranging from Nations to municipalities.
Natural Resources and Commodity Operations
Our Natural Resources group works with clients in the energy, power, chemicals, metals and mining and alternative energy fields. We have a wide experience in agriculture project development and commodity financing and trading activities.
Real Estate
Our Real Estate group provides financing and advisory services to a range of organizations that buy, sell and develop land.
In the last five years we have developed a special expertise in the social housing sectors as more and more governments seek to provide better living conditions for their populations and we have developed strategic relationships with some of the most dynamic and innovative developers in this segment of the housing industry. 
Our Technology, Media and Telecommunications group provides insights and services covering a wide range of industries—from electronics to software to Internet to wireless and cable companies.
Financial Institutions
Our Financial Institutions group provides financing and advisory services to institutions worldwide, including banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, financial technology companies and specialty finance institutions.
Financing Partners
Our strategic financing partners and collaborating groups broaden our advisory and investment banking services and enable us to offer our clients significant exposure to a broad range of institutions, from the world's largest financing entities and private equity firms to some of the leading mid-sized investors. This assures us and our clients of rapid and efficient execution of their financing needs as well as opening the doors to added opportunities that these strategic partners and collaborating groups are advancing on behalf of other clients who need and welcome the opportunity for partnerships, joint ventures or needed services to projects they are advancing and that we are able to present to our clients and vice versa.